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Alfred Hair | A. Hair Florida Highwaymen | A. Hair Painting

A. Hair | Artist Alfred Hair or Al Hair is responsible for the Florida Highwaymen Art movement. As the first to study under A.E. Backus, Hair’s energy, vigor, commitment to art and the desire to earning a living painting Florida Landscapes became the driving force behind the organization of the Florida Highwaymen.

Hair took to the mantra of working quickly, and putting as many painting as possible to market. This method of quantitative speed painting was going to be his ticket to becoming a millionaire, which he was most likely on the way to accomplishing. Although painted quickly, each of Hair’s Florida landscape paintings were unique, with no two being alike.

In order to sell the great number of paintings being produced, Hair often went door to door of local businesses or even setup and sold from his trunk on the side of the road. This method of marketing and sale resulted in the group being called “Highwaymen”.

Alfred Hair saw painting and the Highwaymen movement as an escape from the realities of the manual labor life to which most young African-Americans were confined.

At the age of 29, the future looked amazingly bright, hair was driving a new Cadillac and life was going well. Unfortunately this would not last as Alfred Hair’s life was cut tragically short at the age of 29 in 1970 when he, as an innocent bystander, was shot and killed at Eddie’s Drive-In . Hair left behind a bright career and a family, including 6 children.

Following Hair’s untimely death, the Highwaymen were never to be the same again as they had lost their center of energy.

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